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Thread: Video Problem HELP NEEDED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I just got XP pro on Friday (Legal) and did a clean format and install but it wasnít until yesterday I tried to play a video in Windows Media player 9 that I found this problem.

    The problem is when I view videos in WMP it looks like the gamma has been altered and also noise has been added to the video this happens with


    I tried opening them in winamp but it playes them the same so I tried a .avi in quicktime and it plays fine.

    I did install all my software before trying this so I donít know if its what I have installed all I installed was:

    Office, Photoshop, Premier Pro, Dreamweaver and Half-life 2

    How do I fix this?


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    have you installed the latest video & audio codecs
    if not see the "sticky's" here

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    Just installed 249f and still the same problem, I even tried to install WMP 10 and the same things any other ideas?

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    Maybe try VideoLan and see what you get to narrow it down a bit...
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    Ok all been doing my busy since the last post and I can see the videoís fine in the following:

    Premier Pro
    WMP Classic

    Does this help?

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    I have just noticed in the premier project area where you can preview the videos itís the same as WMP but when put onto the timeline its fine

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    How about updating your WMP 9 to WMP 10?
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    @Dark Steno: Tried :-(

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    What graphics card with what drivers are you using?

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    Nvidia and the latest. My friend said it might be Premier Pro that is causeing this?.......

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