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Thread: Molex Removing Solutions?

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    They have tools to do this but I dont wanna buy one cuz it costs more to ship the stupid thing then its actual base price, Is there anything else I could use to pop them out? Gonna need this for the cable sleeving kit. Is it possible to pull that sleeving over the connectors? Im gonna have to remove all the different connectors to get the sleeves on like the motherboard connector and auxilaries... I dont wanna buy any tool tho.
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    For molex connectors I simply use a very thin bladed screwdriver. There are two tabs, one on each side of the connector. Simply push them flat and the connector will just slide out. Lever the tabs back out to an angle of about 20 degrees just before pushing them back into the housing.

    The motherboard connectors have a similar retention method, but the gaps are a lot smaller so they could be a little more tricky. Make sure you label each wire if you need to do do something with that one.
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