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Thread: Using free PHP scripts

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    Even though I know .Net technology, to setup a website with .Net backend is very expensive, compared with PHP and Linux.

    So I am considering buying hosting plans which include PHP support. But the problem is that I dont know PHP. But I am sure we can get some free scripts that I can use for my website.

    My question is: do these free scripts really work? Am I able to use these PHP scripts without knowing much about PHP?

    I am hoping I would be able to get scripts for User registration, sending feedback...etc

    Any ideas??

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    PHP is really easy to learn anyway.
    You could use those free php scripts, or just play around with them and find out how they work, which will get you better at working with php.

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    You may use free scripts but some of them too advanced (yeah, some of it using C++ inside). If you know the flow of the scripts, its nothing.
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    are there any scripts available for e-commerce: browsing products, putting into shopping basket, checking out, processing credit card details....


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