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Thread: Recover Data From Format Or Fat Error

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    I was running win 98 with a 20Gb HD partitioned into 3 drives;

    C:\ 10 G b
    D:\ 1.5 Gb
    E:\ 8.5 Gb

    For the past few weeks I had noticed that space on D:\ was being reported wrongly, and even when there were no files on it, it only had just over 700Mb free.

    I tried formatting it (D: drive) by right clicking in Windows explorer and choosing format, but windows said that another application was accessing the disk and needed to be shut down.

    Because I couldnt work out what this was, I booted from a 98 boot disk and formatted it at the dos prompt.

    Firstly i ran "format d:" then cancelled it after 2 percent and ran "format d: /q"

    When I restarted my computer, I got the "Invalid System Disk" error

    It appers that D:\ had not been formatted, but C:\ had been formatted to 1.5 Gb !?!?!

    I have run some diagnostics on it, and tried a couple of utilities to recover my C:\ drive.

    When windows or DOS looks at the partition it only sees an empty 1.5Gb partition.

    When I look at the Disk itself in partition magic or Disk Management in NT then it sees a 9.8 Gb partition with 8Gb used.

    A recovery tool I tried picked up some stuff (inc an empty folder structure) but couldnt read past 1,500,000,000 bytes.

    SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME, i only really need to recover the My Documents folder, and my email. Everything else i stored on the other partition.

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    thatz for invalid system disk error

    umm do you have any virus scans? second maybe your computer isnt reading it correctly... that happens.... third you have 3 hard drives? do you have it like this format

    2 hard drive on 1 ide
    1 hard drive n 1 cdrom on 2nd ide?

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    I suspect there's an error in the partition table in the master boot record.

    First, Don't Panic!. You could make a bad situation impossible. (speaking from experience )
    Get the best advice and right tools.

    The people in this forum will try their best, but you need 100% accurate and detailed advice.
    I suggest trying some of the Windows support forums and newsgroups.
    I've done a quick search and here's some you could try.

    tek-tips Try the PC hardware - Hard drive issues, Microsoft: Windows 95/98 forums
    WinGuides Forum
    Virtualdr forum

    Windows Newsgroups

    Good Luck !
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