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Thread: Please Invite me

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    Can someone invite me at <removed>

    please my email is <removed>

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    Theres is a section for bittorent invites...

    You must be a member at FST for 10 days and have at least 10 post to be able to post in the BitTorrent Invites Section. This has now been changed due to alot of signups who seem to join the board only to make request for an invite and are never to be seen again which has been clearly stated in Guidelines set by IKE and ignored repeatably. It would seem very little to ask for those that want to use this section to make a small contribution to the board of 10 posts and have to wait 10 days so you can become familar with the forum. Also note that after 10 days and your 10th post it may take up to one hour for your status to update...

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