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Thread: What Do You Think?

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    do you honestly think we could get rid or stop misnaming of files ,
    if there was no participation level?

    Because i kinda get the idea that people misname files to help boost there par. level.... you know what i mean?

    Ill clarify,someone changes the name of a particular file to a popular title that may be about to release.

    someone does a search for that popualr title in hopes to watch it just as soon as it is released.

    And there it is red dragon or matrix 2 or tears of the sun , but no its pitch black or snatch or who can really keep up w/ all the mislabeling now a days anyway ....yes

    What do you think? maybe you have better reason for this phenomenon

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    This is an old topic long discussed many times. As other will tell you, it's part of the P2P world, wanna use it, you have to deal with it. Happens all the time, no solution, no stopping it. Feel free to search and you will find tons of topic about renaming. No sense in trolling this out........................

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    I can tell you misnaming files was around way before the PL came into existence. It is only one reason of many I presume, there are sick people in this world and it just so happens that some of them use computers and p2p. This would not be considered a phenomenon in my book; it is more of a terrorist plot.


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