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Thread: Animes Are The Bomb!

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    Hi all, in the past few years i've been getting more and more into anime movies and series......i loved Ninja Scroll and Bastard, Vampire Hunter D and a few other movies. Lately i've watched the entire first season of Hellsing, i'd have to say it is my favorite anime so far that i have seen. I can't wait for the second season! I was wondering if anyone knows of any anime movies or episodes that are in english that i might enjoy. Let me know what your alltime favorite anime is!!


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    Anything you ever needed to know about anime.......

    Come on over to Verified : Anime's (only)

    My personal favorites are; Angelic Layer, Earth Girl Arjuna, Hellsing, Onegai Teacher, Witch Hunter Robin and Trigun.

    See you soon...?

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    I have too many favs to list But head over to the above mentioned thread, also check out the sorted list at
    Not called anything at the mo It's not the latest version there yet, I have mailed it tho, will see when razz puts it up =)

    Oh, btw, Okaerinasai Woxhol-san!

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    Thanks guys!!!!

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    Originally posted by danne@10 April 2003 - 15:59
    Oh, btw, Okaerinasai Woxhol-san!
    Thx. It's good to be back. Really missed this.....

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    the original dragon ball grand tour is good, not the shite american one tho, they butchered it =(

    Macross + is always a winner, martian sucessor nadesco is funny, bubblegum crisis series, any macross in fact they all good, ninja scroll; return of jubai loads more are great too, look about. you'll find them

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    I know what you mean, YO!!!

    I have just recently gotten involved in all the anime kraze!

    I am an old skool avid DBz fan tho.

    My favz here recently have been Chobitz, Hellsing, .Hack Twilight, Trigun and the ol' DB as well. They got this one out im tryin to find now to, Alexander (Conqueror).

    Im the same, I usually download the whole series at once, and than set back with some popcorn and waste a day away!!!

    I get down with anime!!!


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    try Saint Seiya, it's one of the most amazing anime of all time

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    give cowboy bebop a try... it also has an excellent sound track!!

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    Anime all da way!... ya, top 3 are
    1)Gundam Wing
    3)Cowboy Bebop

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