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Thread: How to increase volume in a movie

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    I have a .mpg movie that has extremely low voulume. Is there anyyyyyyyyyy way I can increase its volume??

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    you may be stuck depending on who ripped the video and how it was encoded.

    i suppose you would have to extract the audio, open the audio file into your chosen audio-editing software and re-encode it. then merge your new audio file with your video file using something like TMPEnc.

    i'm sure others will have more suggestions

    good luck.

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    so do i extract audio using TMPEnc, as well?

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    Quote Originally Posted by reminder
    so do i extract audio using TMPEnc, as well?
    Yes, select File/MPEG tools and choose the Simple De-multiplex tab. Fill in the file names and press Run.

    Now re-encode the audio.

    Once re-encoded, select File/MPEG tools again and choose the Simple Multiplex tab. Fill in the file names again, press Run and you are done.
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