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Thread: PS2 Torrents

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    Hey guys. I'm kinda on a hunt for a site that hosts a good amount of PS2 torrents. A lot of the torrents I find seem to only carry some of the recent stuff. Do you guys know any good torrent communities that cater mostly to PS2 ISOs?

    If the community requires an invite, information on how I can earn the invite would be appreciated.

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    Solops2 is what i use, and the general torrentreactor, torrnetspy and isohunt

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    Yeah, I generally use those as well. However, most of the active torrents are just recent games or super-popular games I can get at the store for 10 bucks. I'm more interested in games that are harder to find in stores.

    Edit: I've also been to that thread, and it's a bit dated. Torrent-Lab is now Xbox exclusive, and most of the torrent communities only carry 20 or so PS2 files.
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    If u can't find it there u wont do it anywhere else... believe me...
    or emule it's another alternative besides torrents


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