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Thread: Invites

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    This message was sent out to everyone by PiSexy:


    Dear members, we have closed the invite system!
    Nobody can come in anymore.

    Reason #1. We put alot of efefrot lately to get rid of cheating people and notice them comming back through getting invites on other forums (this are people who have no static IP's) .. and well they just mean more work for us, we want them out and stay out. :-)

    Reson #2. Recent events* have brough us to the believe it would be ALOT saver for anyone here to not just accept new people anymore they way we have done it.


    Do we never accept any new people in the future?

    Yes we will but going to work on a better solution to control that, and prevent as much as possible that bad things will happen.

    Do you want new members in teh future?

    Well thats up to you guys, we 20k+ members .. we build this tracker so you can share with eachother .. and thats about it ... if that is what you're all here for the community will be a healthy one and no need for new people ... if there are lots of people here who aint here for that reason .. then it won't be healthy and new people will have to come in to keep it healthy.

    (*) Please do not ask about the recent events, we will not anwser .. they have nothing todo with pisexy directly but with the scene in general and some things are better not to reach the news at all.
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    Only 4 or 5 people IM me every week... I get 15 refilled every week, so if you want one, IM me!

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    I tried to IM you. Not sure if it worked... I never use IMessages. Was I supposed to write something or does it just show that you've received an IM from I did it twice b/c I didn't know what's going on, so sorry if you got more than one IM. Thanks

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    I can't IM you for some reason unless I'm doing something wrong. Would very much appreciate an invite. I know you said no emails here but I can't think of anything else.

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    or private message me

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    EDIT: Giving away invites is prolly more hassle than anything.

    Extremely sorry once more ..
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    Can you give me one????


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    Since your never online Hellbender , here's my Email - If you've got any left i'd like one please

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    I'd like to check out pisexy if anyone has an invite to spare!!


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