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Thread: Cant Log Into Torrentbytes

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    I cant log in to torrentbytes, it keeps saying that either my username or password is incorrect. I was able to log in yestaurday until the afternoon. I have a good ratio so i dont think that I am banned. I checked the username and password a billion times! Is there anything I can do?


    EDIT: I tried logging in other torrent sites and its the same thing???? Whats going on? Every site that i goto gives me incorrect username and password.

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    i had the same problem, it appeared that i had to enable my cookies. so, try that. it worked for me.

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    No problems here, maybe it's a cookie problem as jadine37 says.

    Mind you, I use Firefox to remember all my user-ids and passwords, so if one doesn't work I know it isn't caused by a problem at my end.
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    I am allowing cookies, i dont believe that it is a cookie problem. I have tried it with both IE and Firefox and it still will not let me log in. This is starting to really annoy me!

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    same problem for me and more 3 friends, Appears (Login disable)


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