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Thread: Please Help Me

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    how can i uninstall win xp i have tried inserting my cd i made of win xp but does not boot up off it, so wot will i have to do to uninstall and install 98 plzzzz im desperate.

    i changed the drive to ntfs r whatever it is called aswell when i installed xp, should i of done that?

    anyway plzz help

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    It will be hard but I done it like this:

    Use a 98 boot disk and when you can enter commands type "f-disk"
    delete non-dos partition and delete your nfts
    restart use win98 disk to format
    restart and install 98

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    tr shady

    hi m8

    anywayz where u get a 98 boot disk plz

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    If you have the win98 disk (which I assume you have coz you want to install it) then explore the cd and some where theres a folder like "boot disk" or similar. Open it and the exe to create the disks. Otherwise search on kazaa for one.

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    k cheers

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    I have the program to create a windows 98 boot disk.

    If you like pm me your email address and I'll send it to you, its 800k.
    If not, don't worry.

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    k ive pmed u

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    ok, I've sent it. Tell me how you get on.

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    k thx i got it i'll try it later just putting a few hundred files on cd lol

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    so i just put it on floppy then boot up with it in then do the previous things you told me to do

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