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Thread: antenna n wireless pci card

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    ^ will that product work w/ a linksys wireless B pci card?

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    If you are using a router with the wireless PCI card you might want to try to increase the signal reception and transmission at the router. There are some free designs for antenna "enhancers" on the web.
    Check these out, they are easy to make with materials you have around the house. You can also direct them towards the signal for better reception.

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    That antenna has a standard connector.

    As far as I can tell, the Linksys B card also has a standard connector (it would be unusual if it didn't).

    So they should be comptible.

    Edit: I've seen another picture, the Linksys card does have a standard connector.
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    thank you =D, well the thing is my computer is under a table, so the antenna is hidden, I have to pull out my computer to use my wireless, and it goes through the kitchen which kinda sucks. I was thinking a new antenna I can put it in a higher location making the range better.


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