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Thread: Cover Designing..

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    My band needs a cover for out first album.. If someone would be most kind to make a quick one in Photoshop or something it would be great..
    The band is called "Voices Break The Silence" And yes, I will post hashes for the songs..

    I know you guys can do it..

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    What theme do you want?
    What kind of music do you play?
    Name of the Feature Song/Title for the cover (if any)?
    I hope nothing like Tele-Tubbies...

    You'll want a Hi-Rez picture. I can create one for you guys, just for the fun of it.

    Post a few ideas, here, and I'll play aound with it some and post a thumbnail image link (or two) to the Hi-Rez version(s).

    A lot of creative people here, I am sure somebody will come up with something.

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    Theme: No special theme. Since I use a b/w printer I can only have in grey tones..
    Music: We play a mixture between Rock and Punk, and no there's no current title.
    And, please no tele-tubbies..

    I'd appreciate some covers.. That would be great..


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