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Thread: Any GFX related Tracker?

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    I am wondering if there are any tracker related to graphic 2D/3D, CAD/CAM, Video and Footage stuff?

    Thank you in advance!

    p.s.:Can give you invites to Audionews in return.

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    Did you try mybittorrent and torrentleech?

    BTW edonkey2000 gives astonishing results (Started using it this weekend) I find stuff that I searched for a long time, it's only quite slow! but definitely worth a try!

    You would help me out with an audionews invite!!!
    i've got torrents that I cannot download
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    thx, but donkey is to slow. thats why i am searching a fast private tracker.
    btw i meant i can invite you in return to a invite to gfx tracker and with ratio check.
    otherwise i am in troubles too. and i love audionews

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    Eric, Did you found your tracker yet ???

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    nothing special at this time


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