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Thread: Getting Started With Programming

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    This is my first attempt at making a proper tut so bear with me if i have any nonsense in it

    So you want to get started in the fastest growing profession, programming? well to start things off learning to program requires time and patience , sure youll forget some of the programming languge the next time you open the book or e book but dont worry keep trying youll get good at it , practice makes perfect. You will need a few very good tools if you want to get into the feild , but before you do , learing a programming languge is not something will happen overnight now thats aside here are some very basic tools you should try if you want to learn programming.
    1)Microsoft Visual Studio.NET 2003
    2)Microsoft.NET framework sdk v1.1 or higer
    3)Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0

    Note that these are some highly expensive programs except for the framework which is a free downlaod from, the other 2 cost money or if you know where to get them *HINT HINT* you can save some big bucks.

    Now after aquring the software try and get a feel for them , read the manuals or go to and learn about the products you are using.
    After you will have to learn the programming language , personally i would tell u to start with the 'C' prgramming lanugue and tell u to download erm i mean BUY wileys 'C' for dummies , thats a great book , from there you can attempt other programming lanugues by "BUYING" the books for them , i would tell u to buy books from wiley's dummie collection and stay away from other publishers as they tend to lose you after the first few chapters and just start writing to impress there old college buddies

    Feel free to post any questions or improvements

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    So basically your tutorial consists of:
    • Get the software
    • Read the manual

    l33t stuff, d00d.

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    i guess that's useful if you want to learn Visual Basic/VB.Net, but what about C++, perl, php, java, etc etc etc?

    but VB is my next conquest ;P

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    If you want to learn C, C++ or Java, Jim Eckel has some good free books over @

    As for the program to use, for C++ I would use BloodShed @

    If you want to learn a really odd (but quite good) language, you should check out Haskell. Watch out though, your in for a paradigm shift.
    General Resources :
    Interpreter :


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