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Thread: Man convicted for chipping Xbox

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    [news=]Man convicted for chipping Xbox
    BBC News Online, 4th July 2005.

    A 22-year-old man has become the first person in the UK to be convicted for
    modifying a video games console.

    The Cambridge graduate was sentenced at Caerphilly Magistrates Court to 140
    hours of community service.

    The man had been selling modified Xbox consoles which he fitted with a big
    hard drive containing 80 games.

    "This case sets a major precedent which marks a milestone in the fight against
    piracy," said games industry spokesman Michael Rawlinson.

    Bypass controls

    The conviction is the first of its kind in the UK, where the modification of
    video games consoles has been an illegal practice since October 2003, when
    the UK enacted the EU Copyright Directive.

    Under that directive, it is illegal to circumvent copy protection systems.

    Consoles such as the Xbox and PlayStation 2 can be modified by chips that are
    soldered to a console's main circuit board to bypass copyright controls.

    The chips allow people to play games purchased legitimately in other
    countries, as well as running backup copies or bootleg discs.

    In this case, the man was tracked down by an investigator working for the UK
    games industry trade body, the Entertainment & Leisure Software Publishers
    Association, (Elspa).

    The man, who has not yet been named, was selling modified Xbox consoles,
    fitted with a 200GB hard drive and 80 pre-installed games, via his website
    for 380.

    Elspa informed Caerphilly County Borough Council Trading Standards and Gwent
    Constabulary, as well as helping to collect forensic evidence used by the

    The man was sentenced to 140 hours community service and ordered to pay 750
    in costs. The court also seized his equipment - three PCs, two printers,
    three Xbox consoles and 38 hard drives.

    "It sends a clear message to anyone tempted to become involved in chipping
    consoles that this is a criminal offence and will be dealt with accordingly,"
    said Mr Rawlinson, deputy director general of Elspa.

    "The modification of consoles is an activity that Elspa's anti-piracy team is
    prioritising. It is encouraging to see the UK courts do the same."

    In July last year, Sony won a legal battle to ban the selling of mod chips in
    the UK.

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    Haha, marks a milestone in piracy? Do you realize how many countries still do that. Go to Mexico, where they sell video game consoles with modchips, bootlegged games, and modded systems. Haha, how stupid. Who knows however many more countries sell modded systems. How many places in the US will install a modchip for you? I cant even count how many. I probably couldnt count how many in the UK either.

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    The man was sentenced to 140 hours community service and ordered to pay 750
    in costs. The court also seized his equipment - three PCs, two printers,
    three Xbox consoles and 38 hard drives.
    maybe he will do the service in GAME(TM) stores

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    lol electronique boutipue
    Changed SPAN settings in sig a YEAR after it was removed

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    If you go to Bowlers in Manchester they be Chipping PS2's and XBOXS, theres loads of them, thats where i got mine done!

    Am Suprised they aint been Caught

    I reckon its the 3 Entry Fee that probably puts them off from coming inside the Computer Marketlol


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