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Thread: GTA san andreas HOODLUM 3.9GB TAR file

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    I have the Hoodlum release of san andreas. when i downloaded it all of the 80 something rar files were rared into one big TAR file. This is the file that I have problems with as it only unpacks to no 22 then says theres a crc error.

    I know other people who have the same version as me, but have no problems. Is there anyway I can fix this file so that it will extract properly? i have heard something about PAR2 files but i dont know where i would get one from.

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    This is the verified section. It's used for posting "tested good" downloads, not to ask questions.

    Redownload the corrupt file.

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    oh im sorry i didnt understand.

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    I have a problem with the hoodlum 3.9gb tar file as well. I downloaded it twice, both from IRC. Both of them are 3.9gb but only contain 32 files, not 80 or so. I can't even begin to extract the iso because it it says "crc failed on hlm-gtasa.iso" from the first archive.

    Both were downloaded from difference irc bots on different channels in different servers. Is there anyway to know the right one to download? The file size is 3.9gb, but the 42 rars only tally up to 2.1gb.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ptechnix
    ... it says "crc failed on hlm-gtasa.iso" from the first archive...
    I say its bad one.

    ReDL from elsewhere.

    Try torrents instead of IRC,
    maybe there's something about error-correction on some p2p apps.

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    Thanks for the reply. I initially tried torrents but they were sooooooooooo slow that I gave up! I don't really use torrents for much as they all seem so slow. Whereas from IRC I get full speed.

    Whether the torrents come from listing sites of a torrent search via exeem, they are just so slow. Sigh.....

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    Solution: Don't use shit like Exeem, get it from a decent private torrent site.


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