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Thread: Half Life File Required! Plz Hlp!

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    Apr 2003
    hi folks!

    some pretty days back i had dled HL. yes! it was frm the verified list!! but when i tried to unzip it i received a CRC error for the file named HL.C32. all other files unzipped without any probs!

    so my main prob is that i hv a corrupt file named HL.C32.

    if any one of u guys having HL installed, could plz send this file to me via mail then i would b greatful to him/her. plz hlp!!

    plz reply to this mail so that i can supply u my email ID. otherwise i would get multiple files!!!

    thanking u in anticipation!

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    I had the same problem after I downloaded the same 166 597 kb Half Life file. But then I did this; after I had extracted the Half Life full exe. with winzip to a folder, I extracted the HI.ace file using WinRAR and then came the hl.exe icon which started the game.

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    When you click the hl.exe, it asks for the serial number. I got it from
    (The included keygenerator caused an errormessage.)


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