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Thread: CPU temp starting to get to high.???

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    In the past week my cpu temp have been getting above the level which put the alarm on which says my cpu is getting too hot. It normally runs at 35-40c but the temp has been above 50-60c. When i`ve just booted up now it was at 61c but it` come down to 49c now.

    It was the same in my bios. I have an AMD althon 2700+ and one of those coolmaster 7 fans on it. Do you just think it just needs re-pasting.???

    I had this problem before and it was either my ram was not sat properly or my bois was not up to date so i flashed and the problem went and the temp averaged at 35-40c.

    As i`ve finished writng this the temps at 45c.

    I`ve put a secondary hard drive in as well a few months ago and i`ve been having problems when i try to access it because all my music is on it it locks up for about 30 second s when i try to play music files or some other applications the are on that drive.??????

    The hard drive is a western digital 120gb with 2MB cache. It did`nt do this when i first installed it so i wonder if it`s a program conflicting, because when it does come to after locking up some icons are missing out of my sytem tray.

    Thanks in advance.

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    In relation to the hard drive problem have you checked the IDE cables are pushed in properly? That happened to me once
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    when it does come to after locking up some icons are missing out of my sytem tray.
    That's usually caused by explorer crashing. Originally there was no notification that the systray icon needed refreshing. I assume this has been corrected because some programs do redraw the icon when necessary, but older progs won't know that it needs doing.

    You can prevent that from happening to some extent, and generally improve explorer performance by opening My Computer, selecting Tools/Folder Options/View and checking the box marked "Launch folder windows in a separate process". That way, if it hangs it doesn't hang the other explorer processes, and it gives you a better chance of working out what's going on.
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