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Thread: Cant hear anything from my speakers.

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    About 2 days ago, I started hearing a "hizzing" sound from my speakers. The sound would get louder as I turned the volume up. I tried disconnecting my computer speakers and reconnecting them but I would still hear the "hiss". I ignored it and kept on playing my music and etc..

    Well, yesterday I turned the computer on and to my surprise, I cant hear anything. Im pretty sure my speakers arent the problem because they look alright to me. Theyre some really good Yamaha speakers I bought bout 1 year ago. Im also sure it has to do with the sound card because of the fact that my computer is a couple of years old. But yea, I dont hear anything from my music..nothing. Im assuming its my sound card because my microphone doesnt work either and when I tried connecting some headphones...I couldnt hear squat.

    I dont know much bout sound/audio cards. Is there anything I can do myself to try and fix it?

    By the way im using Windows XP SP2.
    Gateway AMD Athlon Processor
    648 mhz 256mb ram

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    I'd check the sound properties mabye one of the kids hit mute .

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    You can test the speakers by pluging them into some other sound device like a portable CD player or something similar.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dOomed

    I dont know much bout sound/audio cards. Is there anything I can do myself to try and fix it?
    If VB's suggestion eliminates the speakers then you just replace the card.

    After you've checked the mute button, of course.
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