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Thread: Skype releases toolbars for IE, Outlook

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    [news=]Skype has released Beta versions of toolbars for Internet Explorer and Outlook. If you click either of those links I've just built, your download of the self-extracting .exe (Executable) file for each utility will begin.

    The purpose for both toolbars is obvious: conjure up your Skype software directly from the toolbar. Then make your Skype call or start your chat session.

    But there's more. From the IE Skype Toolbar, you'll be able to view your SkypeOut credits status directly from the Toolbar, as well as change your Online status.

    From the Outlook Skype Toolbar, you will be able to import contacts directly to Skype from Outlook,automatically add Skype callto signatures to your outgoing email messages, as well as automatically open your Outlook's contact function when you get an incoming call.

    Skype's IE toolbar works in all versions of IE 5+ and higher. Skype's Outlook toolbar will work in all versions of Outlook from 2000.

    Download Link:[/news]

    Edit : The author of the story built the links, I'm justs quoting .
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    you can also use DesktopSidebar with the Skype Plugin
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