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Thread: What's the most reliable DVD media?

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    Hi guys,
    based on your experience and the common knowledge combined,
    what is the most reliable DVD blank media?,
    cus I don't know if I mentined it before, but I got these TDK 50pk and
    Im having a lot of bad DVD copies.
    So I'd apresiate if you could tell me what you think,
    so I can take it into consideration the next time I go shoping.

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    Taiyo Yuden (made in Japan)...over a thousand burns and not a single coaster. Also, make sure your burner has the lastest firmware otherwise the burner will not know how to write each brand/type of media.

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    Slowing down the burn speed can help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darth Sushi
    Taiyo Yuden
    I've bought Maxell DVD-Rs that were TY media,
    the burner/burning app/settings can still fuck those up

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    It's really a hard question man, I bought some cheapo ritek 4x ones off line for about .20 cents a disc, and the worked perfect, not 1 bad one that was the disc's fault, but I have some memorex I think ones I got when I got the burner. They sucked. So search on google for you model dvd writer, get the latest firmware, and see if you can find other people that wrote about the media on your burner.

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    Most made in Japan media is of higher quality.But its getting harder to find.Some times if you actually pick thru the shelf buried amongst the made in taiwan you will find made in japan.The brand name will be the same but the manufacturer is different.What kind of burner do you own some prefer plus media like my liteon 832s.Just for a laugh check out all the different media codes for tdk
    Its a real crap shoot lol

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    I love my Sonic media

    Cheapest ive seen and always a perfect burn.
    Need a cheap/easy way of modding your xbox? Check this out.

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    even the sonic is a crap shoot everything from tygo2 to Longten 001

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    I have never had a problem, I like Ritek/RiData but I buy the cheapest I can get

    have you got the latest firmware for your burner? that fixes lots of compatibility issues
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    heres something interesting

    I had a Lite On burner and just about every 4th copy or lets say every 2nd or 3rd copy I would make the end of the movie is fucked I went everywhere searching for the problem tryed 10 different software tryed shit loads of different media you name it wouldn't solve it the answer I got from most people was 90% of thees cases are DVD media. also data I would burn would be fucked at the edge of the disk yes tryed write speed at 1!!

    audio CDs would be perfect though

    well guess what I just recently purchased a Pioneer burner no coasters!!!! its consistent so it was the burner all along

    so obviously the burner was not compatible to some reason

    just saying its not always the medias fault
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