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Thread: Virus Or Something Problem

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    Hey everyone,
    I need a little help, ive got this file that i cant take away and causes me some problems, i cant make characters like circumflexes and aphostrofs. How do i get rid of it? When i try it says that the disk is full or its (how do u say it) copyrighted???
    How do i get rid of such files?

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    Start by posting the name of the file. Run anti-virus scan, run Adaware or a trojan remover.
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    Use Ctrl-Alt-Delete to close all programs except Explorer and your mouse driver. Now right-click on the file and make sure 'Read Only' is unchecked. If you still can't delete it, try restarting in DOS. Type 'CD' followed by the name of the drive and folder where the file is located (like "cd c:\windows"). Then type 'del' followed by the full name of the file.


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