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Thread: make video size smaller

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    i have a video thats 900 mb and i wanna fit it on a cd - 700 mb. is there any way to change the quality or the size or something so that itll fit on a cd?

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    You gotta re-encode your file to make it smaller. You can try to google informations about re-encode (with xvid or divx). Btw, you'll lose some quality on your file after re-encode...

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    Yes, you need to re-encode with VirtualDub, reducing resolution and/or bitrate. Xvid and DivX are the best codecs for this job. Needless to say that quality is the thing that will suffer from this reduction.

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    it cant open it. the file is an xvid dvd rip
    it says "could not locate decompressor for format xvid"

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    Sounds like you haven't got the codecs installed.


    Before you re-encode the video, check how much you can save by simply re-encoding the audio and trimming the opening/closing credits, assuming you don't want them.

    Also, you will probably find you get better results with VirtualDubMod rather than VirtualDub.

    Even easier still is Dr Divx, assuming you don't mind divx format rather than xvid.
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    You can change the image size using gordian knot and the divx 3.11 alpha codec and reduce the file size down to 700 mb without much, if any, quality loss. While quality loss is typical when you re-encode, reducing the image size will preserve the quality in large part because it compresses the pixels from the original image.

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    use virtual dub + divx (divx has bitrate calculator)

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    To open an XviD file in VirtualDub you need the XviD encoder (not just the decoder).

    With VirtualDub you can also cut the file in two pieces. Then you could put it on two cds. No timely re-encoding needed, and no quality loss.


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