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Thread: High quality digital voice recorder

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    Does anyone know of a high quality digital voice recorder.

    The device should be able to record atleast 3 hours of audio in one go. The quality should be reallllllyyyyyy gooooooood.

    and of course, i should be able ti transfer the files onto a PC.

    I searched on ebay and got many results. But I am not sure which one is good

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    Afronaut's Avatar Xenu
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    Feb 2003
    Really good quality you'll need a Digital HD recorder, something like this baby here.

    For more portable, smaller solution maybe something like this.

    Or, you could go for some Minidisc or similar that does mp3's.

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    Damn...I forgot to mention that I am looking for a portable deviec, which can easily slip into my pockets. thats why the device needs to be good as i will be recording while the device is inside my pocket

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    my iriver h320 has a built in mic and a line in. it can record directly to mp3 at any bitrate, and u plug an external mic in there, and u record studio quality stuff on it

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    'abu' do me a favour:

    can u record soemthing in your iriver. and post it here. I just want to know about the quality of the recording



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