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Thread: Giganews

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    I have a friend that uses Giganews unlimited for $25 a months
    He says they have one of the best retention and completions available.

    I would like to hear what others here have to says that have tried them, and how they rate compared the popular ones here, like EasyNews, Newshosting and usenetserver

    I will be using it mainly for DVDs, so I will need an unlimited account


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    $25 a month is a lot imo.

    I pay €7,50 a month and have 20 days retention.

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    I thought so to, thus the post

    who do you use ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by snook789
    I thought so to, thus the post

    who do you use ?
    I use Eweka (dutch )

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    I use giganews, I get 2gb a month from my isp for free. I know its not that much, but I only use it ocassionaly. Giganews has 30 days retention, and has a great amount of files, but is a little expensive for unlimited.

  6. Newsgroups   -   #6 users really seem to like Giganews as well

    I am thinking of splitting an account with my neighbor...

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    I think NewsHosting is a much better deal at $15 a month for unlimited and dosent seem to mind splitting either and has just as good a retention and Ive never seen them cap anyone. In the past with GigaNews Ive heard quite a few complaints that heavy users have had their lines capped and when they ask why they are told that theyre unaware and that they dont cap, which it seems they do and then suggest to close their account and offten just close their account. If you decide to go with NewsHosing though dont forget the forums banner above or use our referral link at...
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    Yes Giganews does cap if you download over 350GB a month (or something like that)...
    May be a bit more GB...

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    i max out my 200kb/s with usenetserver 15 $ unlimited now.
    for me it is faster than newshosting and giganews ever was.
    but also depends on location you are.
    just check traceroute and server location.

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    I just have been testing out GigaNews and NewsHosting speed with my connections.

    For some reason the NewsHosting kepts droping for me.

    Here is a screen shot of both, done right after the other, downloading from the same server. (parts of the same file)

    Why the big drop off's ?
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