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Thread: Splitting a movie into smaller parts\?

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    I have a SVCD Movie that I wanted to burn to CD's but it doesn't fit. Does anyone know a program that I can make the file split into smaller chunks so they fit on a cd? I don't know how to do it on TMPGEnc.
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    I use Easy Video Splitter as it works fine...
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    Quote Originally Posted by RealitY
    I use Easy Video Splitter as it works fine...
    It can only do MPEG files, not MPEG-2

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    I use Isobuster to extract the mpeg files and burn them to DVD.

    In your case you could probably use the "mpeg tools" in TMPGEnc(click the file button) to split the mpegs into file sizes more suitable for CD-Rs.

    But then you will have to create all new VCDs from your new, smaller mpeg files.

    Frankly, it sounds like a lot of work and a DVD burner would save you lots of time and trouble.

    I'm sure others will chime in.


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