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Thread: burn AVIs to dvd

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    Okay, I have a lot of .avi files on my PC of television episodes that I'd like to burn to dvd so I can watch them on my DVD player but I don't want to do it by converting them to all the DVD files with software, I tried this before and it didn't work. Can it be done simply by going into nero and selecting burn VCD and instead of burning to a regular CD-R, burn to a DVD-R?

    Otherwise can you suggest something else?


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    A DVD player that plays MPEG4 (DivX) would do the job without converting.
    I don't know if the VCD thing can work because it is a VCD and not a VDVD

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    There's a simple program called TMPGenc that converts avi files to DVD. Also to VCD< SVCD etc. Or you can indeed buy a DVD player that supports mpeg4...


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