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Thread: what do i do here?

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    I have linux installed. used the partitioning program in linux to make lots of partitions for thikngs like windows. i installed windows on one of them and it works fine. now when my computer boots it goes straight to windows and doesn't let me choose linux. this is a pick from partion magic

    not sure how to post screen shots anymore but

    thanks alot!

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    put your linux ccd or the boot disk you hopefully setup into your drive and use that to boot into linux.

    depending on wht distro you are using you want to install the boot loader which will probably be called grub or lilo.

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    Ah, you've run up against the microsoft mantra "you will never want to load anything but windows so we have overwritten your boot loader".

    The easiest way round this is to install windows first (if you must), then install any other OS. Remember that for the future.

    Alternatively you can modify the windows boot loader to give you access to linux. The details of how to do it are given here but you need access to your linux partition in order to do it.
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    i hate windows. i can't to become more fluent with linux.
    guess i'll have to install linux again
    any other suggestions buy the way?


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