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    I have installed a USB Mini Scroller mouse with a wheel. It works fine and no problem. But, I have a yellow exclamation mark in the Device Manager under Mouse.

    There are two entries under Mouse in the Device Manager. One is HID-compliant mouse. I believe that is the USB connection and there is no yellow mark and no problems. The other entry is WHEEL MOUSE PS/2 MOUSE with the yellow exclamation mark. There is no mouse device connected to PS/2 port. When I remove the WHEEL MOUSE from the Device Manager it reinstalls the software when the PC is rebooted. So there is always a yellow exclamation mark against WHEEL MOUSE PS/2.

    How do I resolve this issue so the WHEEL MOUSE PS/2 is no longer listed in the Device Manager. Please help. Thank you.


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    wait you say it works fine but theirs the ! next to it.... eh this belongs in hardware first of all... well if it works fine i dunt get why it matters... well you can use a driver i guess to try fixing it


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