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Thread: I Need Help!!!!

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    Sorry for being such a noob, but i just downloaded bittorrent And i wouldnt have a clue how to download files. Lets just say i wanted to download age of empires, How do i do this???? any help would be appreciated.

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    I dont know what you mean by "I just downloaded bittorrent" but there's what you need to do to use torrents.
    1.First you install a bittorrent client, you have all the good ones here or at least there names. To download them you can google the name.... As you can see Azureus is one of the most used (best), and easy to use.
    2. Then you go to a tracker a good list of trackers here Private ones are normally faster but need a registration and have less stuff.
    3. When you get in the tracker you just find what you want and download the .torrent file then open it with the bittorrent client. And there you go. You are downloading.
    PD. Be a good bittorrent user and always seed up to at least 1 ratio!!!

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    Nice post malyo

    also check:

    Please use the search option before starting a new thread.

    I'll close this thread now. if you have any more questions and you can't find your answer using the search then start a new thread.
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