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Thread: bittorrent for DnD? tabletop RPGs?

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    So... I've been using bittorrent for a while for music and such, but I recently realized I could probably get .pdfs of books and mapping software and the like on it as well. Does anyone know of a good source for torrents of that sort of thing? Thanks in advance!

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    try public trackers like, and so on...

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    Ahhh, thanks Ike!

    You know I searched the forum briefly for a few of the things I was interested in, but I didn't think to check for a plain old torrent website list.

    I'll go through it and see what I come up with, sorry!

    Regarding the public trackers, I've found some sites through them, but the search criteria aren't as clear cut as a band name or movie title or somesuch.

    What I'd like to find is a site where the members are into this stuff and share it, like some of the other more specialized BT sites out there. If that makes sense.

    Anyhow I'll dig through that thread and see what I can come up with. Thanks again.

    Edit: Lots of sites in that list! Although there's little or no information in most cases about what the site carries. It is a great resource though. I guess I'll keep digging and see what I can come up with.
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    As a followup, in case anyone else is interested:

    demonoid seems to have a lot of D&D books posted recently. Hopefully that will continue. I got an account there this morning when they briefly opened subscriptions. (They're closed again now.) Not sure about mapping applications and such but they have a decent number of books in .pdf!
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