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Thread: Constant Restarting

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    Hi. I have a pc running windows me which was working fine up until this evening. What happens is the pc restarted out of the blue and then just keeps restartng after it does the boot eg, just before when the me bootscreen would appear. i have left the pc off and tried again but to no avail.
    its def not over heating because i have made sure there is plenty of ventilation etc.
    Some tips would be great...usually i always solve probs but this one has stumped me!
    Thanks in advance fst

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    Check the easy stuff first.
    Try a different PSU.
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    Check Vcc compared to what it is supposed to be, if one of the caps on your mobo is failing it can cause Vcc to drop and give the symptoms you describe.
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    hey, thanks clocker and lynx for your comments. what i have done is used some different power leads to connect the tower to the wall socket. amazingly this has got rid of the problem. i am guessing there was some problem with that ac wire.
    still...i fully dont understand why the prob was occuring, the psu is in full working order and all connections on the motherboard are in place.


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