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Thread: Wireless Routers for P2P

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    I've had some really bad luck when it came to wireless routers. They don't see to like P2P programs all too much. They crash because of the high number of inbound/outbound connections.

    I'm looking for a good wireless router. Wifi-802.11g compatable at least, with the highest possible range. Of couse, it needs to handle P2P with absolutely no problems. Any suggestions?

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    Make your own wireless router, you can use fedora core and a wireless card and access point to make a router that can handle just about anything.

    "if you have any extra pc's lying around" It would also be much much better for security.

    Go to a bookstore and pick up fedora core bible, it has instructions in there. Bring a pen and paper its not that much to write down.

    Good Luck
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    Hey Xagest, If you want to purchase a retail wireless router rather than pointlessly fry your equipment with a fedora and card setup... I reccomend a NETGEAR DG834GT with a WG111T wireless adapter or a PCI antenna. I'm using it myself and with a bit of help (if you need it that is) you will be up and running and the firewall is awesome and very adjustable for different port ranges and all that jazz.

    Hope that helped... infact hope you read this at all...

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    I've just entered the wireless world.. its awesome. Using a Belkin modem and g-router. works really well.

    Good Luck

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    I have a ethernet card go out on my older PC,Now im thinking of since i have to replace the ethernet card as it is i might as well replace my old trusty netgear router,with a wireless version.Is it as easy to set up as the non wireless router was? and i play a lot of online games.Will it be hard to configure?Maybe someone has some idea's on what brand router might be better with games.
    Thank's bstef9950


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