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    i have had bt broadband for a couple of months now,and yes its bloody great compared to that crap old 56k modem i had, but i was just wondering if anyone else has managed to make it go faster than its supposed to and not get in the shit for it. if so pleases tell me how. thanks

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    I have btbroadband as well but i would not consider uncapping since you will get caught.

    I would just use dslreports and optimize it as much as possible.

    I managed to go from 50k to about 65k B)

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    what is uncapping?

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    uncapping, uncapping is set by you isp to a certin limit say 512k so you maxamum you can go at is 512k a.k.a 57kb/s downlaodstreem, if you uncap it withc is hard to do you can got a lot faster.

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    Certain factors determine speed of ADSL. First off wires can mean alot. Copper wires can't handle as near as much than possible. Upgrade to those expensive ones.

    A modem can also determine the speed. Not at all much though.

    What is your contention? Time of day depends.

    Also, Windows has not been optimized. For this get one of those internet boosters such as webRocket.


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