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Thread: SmackDown vs. RAW 2006 for PS2

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    this game looks and sound wicked

    theres gonna be a 100 different match types

    Buried Alive contest and Bar Brawl.

    advanced online play

    graphics look better

    check out the link below

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    trajillo's Avatar Fitter Happier
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    sure the games are fun but the actual show is stupid and gay...except from the divas

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    Let's hope they've updated the game engine a bit this time round. They haven't changed it for years.

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    gameplay has been changed and the graple system is different

    i dont get the buried alive match, you have to put them in the casket first then stuff them in the hole. or after the casket it cuts to fmv scene.

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    wrestling . The stupidest 'sport' (if you call it) i can think of. The games are boring after a few matches and the show is worst.

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    the roster must be up 2 date, not like the previous SvR game

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    Yes wrestling on tv is stupid and fake, but the video games are usually fun. I havnt played a wrestling game sence smackdown. Is this any better?

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    i wounder if they will have ecw in it?


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