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Thread: war of the worlds img file?

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    just downloaded the dvd-r of this - and instead of the usual audio/vidoe dvd files (vod etc) ive unrarred it to find one image ending with .img?

    how can i then burn this to dvd? nero doesnt seem to like it and wont let me

    ive got alcohol and dvddecypter at home so i can try them later - but does anyone know what youre supposed to do with these? i thought dvd images were always in iso format

    any help would be greatly appreciated as i just promised the wife wed watch this tonight

    cheers all
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    as far as i know, ISO is the most popular "open" format for CD & DVD disc images. but CDs & DVDs can both be copied to a number of proprietary formats. i'm pretty sure IMG is a proprietary format. Alcohol might be able to burn it, i know that DVD Decrypter can definitely burn it... or you can mount it with Daemon Tools (by selecting "all file types," rather than leaving it set to the types that it officially recognizes) and just drag the VOB/IFO/BUP files into a Nero DVD compilation.
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    use dvd decrypter and burn at 1x

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    use the search option, this has been asked multiple times.

    You can use nero...

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