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Thread: Silver Surfer the movie

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    word is there gonna make a film out of the sliver surfer

    the director has not been named yet.

    however its rumored that the rock could be the sliver surfer

    is this ture or false

    and for the sake of marvel and the comics of sliver surfer i hope its false

    also if anyone knows more about the film please post it up

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    that would be impressive since it doesnt revolve around earth
    i would love to see galactus eat a planet on the big screen

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    They also said there were plans for an Iron Man movie 2 years ago...

    edit: just checked IMDb.

    Iron Man is set for 2007
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    for some reason i've always pictured Tom Selleck as Tony Stark
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    silver surfer?! wow that's gonna be difficult to pull off

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    so many special effects, hope it's better than the effects in XXX2.

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    would be naice

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    Yeah Silver Surfer will be tuff... so much intergalactic stuff to cover...


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