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Thread: Why not-funny things can sometimes be funny

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    OK, so sad story.. Yesterday on the way to work I collided with a deer, poor animal had to be put down by the RSPCA...

    Anyway, first off I had to phone the police, in my panic I ranted something like "I've just had an accident with a deer in a car, no, I mean, I was in the car, the deer wasn't in the car, the deer was in the road".. etc.etc, the woman must have thought I was a but mental..

    Anyway, later on, phoned the MoreThan insurance claims hotline, got put on hold..

    The hold music was "Drive", by "The Cars". (how appropriate, I thought, but how ever so slightly "out there")..

    Anyway, when I finally got through, the guy asked my the standard questions, blah blah blah, were there any witnesses, what speed was I going, was anyone hurt, etc.

    Then he said, "now this might be a strange question under the circumstances, but to the best of your knowledge, was anyone involved in the accident under the influence of drink or drugs?"

    I immediately said "Well I can guarantee that I was not, but I can't really speak for the deer".

    We had a little chuckle, and then realised that the call may being recorded for audit purposes, so carried on sensibly

    Anyway, that's my funny not-funny story.. Anyone else got any funny not-funny stories? (or is it just me?)

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    This is false pretenses. That's actually a funny wee story.


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