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Thread: Guess who?

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    l've been reading the archives of this forum, back to the beginning of the present Iraqi "war." There are some readable threads, and some very interesting posts. l particularly like some of the prophetic posts made by people, made more interesting with hindsight.

    Here's one, guess who by?

    Quote Originally Posted by Who?
    Iraq was virtually invited to Invade Kuwait by Dick Chaney.

    They had been fighting a very expensive war, with US help against Iran. Dick told them officialy that the US had no interest in a 'Purely Arabian War'....which is why they invaded Kuwait (which they have always considered a part of Iraq), to pay for the Iran war.

    The world reaction, including the US WHY Hussain hates the USA..He see's the whole of Desert Storm as the USA backtracking on their word and stabbing him in the back.

    Runsfeld has publicly ben after a huge US military presence in the area ever since Desert Storm, publicly ststing again and again that the US forces should 'secure' the Iraqi oilfields.

    The last time was THE DAY AFTER Sept 11th, publicly saying the USA should invade Iraq to secure the oilfields. However this is not 'Politiclly acceptable', which is why the emphasis shifted to NBC and Human Rights....something everyone will agree on.

    The USA now imports 60% of its oil, much of it from South America at a subsidiced rate....however Strikes in the Oil Companies in this area have massively increased the Price of Oil, and hence Gasoline in the last year or so.

    Iraq is only the 1st of the 'Oil Wars' predicted as early as the 1970's.

    Every oil producing nation in the world, except the Middle East is in Decline (eg last year fields to the value of 14 Billion Barrels were discovered, against a need for 28 Billion Barrels).....The Iraqi fields are large enough to fuel the world for 4 years at full capacity and at current levels of use. This is a much needed breathing space, for the Developed world.

    Every country will defend itself, using any means possible. This is despite any 'Conventions' laid down. France did it in WWII with their resistance movement, and Im sure both UK and USA would do it if the situations were reversed.

    'Honour' and the Conventions of war are only ever followed by professional soldiers of any country, and hardly ever by the defenders on their OWN territory, whilst defending their own home country.

    In the case of Iraq...I have so far seen one shot of almost 1000 Iraqi civilians looking for a coalition airman, and firing guns, throwing rocks etc into the Reed covered river that the guy had come down in......this is hardly the reaction of a civilian population that wishes to be 'Liberated'. There are also Arabs from most of the Arabian world fighting alongside the Iraqi army against the 'infidels'.

    No matter how much you hate the people in charge, unless you have your own political agenda for afterwards (ie are a collaborator with the invader, in the parlance of the defender) then it is often a case of "Better the Devil you know". Hence the return of many Iraqi's from Jordan, to defend their homeland....despite being chased out of there by Hussain in the first place.

    This is especially the case when the 'invader' is perceived to be an enemy of your Religion. (NOTE: I said PERCEIVED to be, not is)

    The great shame is that which the French Resistance showed the Nazi during WWII and many others have shown the world since...Guirilla tactics do not stop with the signing of a treaty. And the aftermath will, as i predicted months ago, go on for years. Guirilla warfare is not restricted to the country being defended once the treaties are signed.

    A new terrorist group awakes, fighting for the 'liberation' of their 'liberated' country...these groups are not bound by any 'Conventions' of war. Anything is a legitamate target, as the death of their own Civilians has shown them that THEY were legitamate targets...

    And so the world turns again.....yet another example of man never learning anything.
    "First they ignore you. Then they laugh at you. Then they fight you. Then you win."

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    I win )

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    I also predicted that one of the following will eventually pertain:

    1/ A Civil War in Iraq, as this is a country that was "made" by the British, and does not follow the same rules as most. ie: They are not one people, but a number of differing people that have been fighting each other for centuries.. unless they had a common enemy.

    2/ Placing another bastard in power, as only someone that is willing to be a bastard will ever rule that nation of differing peoples and beliefs.

    3/ A short lived Democracy in which the people in charge will be bastards enough to do anything to stay in charge, eventually culmanating in a Junta.

    As they didnt go for option 2; however 1 and 3 are still distinct possibilities with the " Provisional Government" already involved in both Human Rights abuses and corruption.

    An It Harm None, Do What You Will


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