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Thread: lookin for a hl2 mod....

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    i saw a thrid person model of gordan freeman a long time ago, and was wonder if it had bin release or not?

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    Here's one

    It's not particularly good in game tho

    [EDIT: this one looks a bit better.]

    [EDIT2: And here's how to get the game into third person:]

    Half-Life Cheat: Better Third Person
    Here’s how to get a real active following chase-cam style third person view and not the annoying side view. NOTE: All commands are to be typed WITHOUT the quotes.

    Get into the console. Make sure cheats are on (command: "sv_cheats 1"). Next, put it in third person (command: "thirdperson") Now change the camera angle to behind the player instead of to his right side. To do this, you have to change the camera's yaw angle number. (command: "cam_idealyaw 1") Now you have an active chasecam third person.

    There are more camera commands that you can play around with for whatever reason. -"chase_active 1" changes the view to a more passive style ("chase_active 0" to turn off) -"cam_idealpitch 90" changes standard camera pitch angle. The command "cam_idealdist 64" changes the standard camera distance. To return to your normal first person shooter, simply use the command "firstperson”.
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    pretty cool


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