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    What is the best program to split a movie file (avi format) into 2 seperate movie files (also avi format). i have a 1395MB avi movie here and id like to split it in 2 696MB files for burning to cds. the only program ive tried it TMPGenc and it always put the audio out of sync on the second movie file when i split.

    basically im asking whats a better program for splitting movies, or even a guide to splitting movies into 2 parts without making the audio sync go out of sync will be useful.

    thanks to any that reply.

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    Could you use a better thread title next time? Thanks.

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    thx IKE, and oh well... you'll deal with it.

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    funny for tmpgenc to send audio out of sync, always worked fine for me, did you set the audio output to direct stream copy?

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    Easy video splitter.

    Clickerty click

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    i got virtual dub to work fine, and im not sure what i had the audio set too in tmpgenc. but ikes website he sent me to worked. and thanks for all ur suggestions tho.


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