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Thread: web browser not working while using soulseek

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    I have the latest version of soulseek (v. 156c) and whenever I search for a file and it gives me a huge number of results, my browser won't work anymore. Like I get a dns error for every website I try to visit and then my download's won't even work on soulseek.

    I went to the FAQ at soulseek's website and tried their method to resolves this issue in regedit, but that did not help at all. I had this problem before with an older version of soulseek and got it fixed using the same fix method in the FAQ, but this new version of soulseek won't work right.

    My computer specs:

    pII 450 mhz
    128 mb sdram
    nvidia riva tnt
    soundblaster 64d pci
    10 gb/80 gb hd
    win 98se
    cable internet

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    Soulseek is probably hogging your connection. It used to happen to me when I used Bit Torrent all the time. What you have to do is limit your download speed.
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    As much as SoulSeek can be a graet app it can be quite buggy at times.
    Perhaps I can see if theres someone to get a clue on this for you...

    EDIT: Looking at your specs seems a bit thin.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bball_1523
    pII 450 mhz
    128 mb sdram
    nvidia riva tnt
    soundblaster 64d pci
    10 gb/80 gb hd
    win 98se
    cable internet
    all of a sudden my PC doesnt seem very old

    actually, you are not using the latest soulseek
    theyre up to 157 test 5, on a whole different server
    you could try it if you wanted, can even install & run alongside 156

    or, this seems goofy but it just might work.....
    back up your .cfgs that you wanna keep and reinstall soulseek
    156 was giving me hell before, now its actually running ok
    I mean, my reinstall was after a format, which I am not suggesting you do,
    but still, basically comes down to reinstalling soulseek


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