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Thread: mozilla won't drop a plugin

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    i DLed something called brogtorrent. basically it's a tracker that runs off almost any site with PHP. there's a blogtorrent client that comes with the package, i think it's supposed to DL torrents in your internet explorer so n00bs can DL files from your site without learning anything.

    like i said i never got it to work so i uninstalled it, but everytime i try and open a torrent in mozilla it says "Could not launch blogtorrent file. please reinstall blogtorrent" i've unticked it in mozilla>tools>options>downloads>plug-ins and i even had a thingy in...downloads>file types that should have forced azureus to open torrents but that didn't work. i removed it with the intention of putting it back but don't know how.

    any ideas what i should do?

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    try installing your fav torrent program again it will probably become the default program for torrents again.

    if that dont work see if torrents are mentioned in the tools/ options/ download (tab) it might need removing.


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