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Thread: Printing error no matter what? :(

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    For some reason i get printing error no matter what i print.

    Half of the page prints alright, but next half gives printing error...."Page failed to print".

    Does anyone know what might be causing this? I just uninstalled and re-installed the printer driver, but same shit.

    My printer is: Epson 880.

    Computer specs are:
    OS: Win xp pro
    Pentium 4 SPU 2.60 GHz
    504 MB RAM

    Please help me!

    Thanks for ur time,

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    You may have a corrupted Twain driver (no shit, I'm not kidding).

    Just another reason I hate printers.
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    Until you find the cause, could you perhaps print half a page at a time?

    Don't bother to tell us how it's connected, it probably won't help.

    Found this:
    Have just bought a used 880. It was packed with tiny styrofoam balls that ended up in the paper path. Printer comes up with a paper jam. Need to get into printer to clean out the paper path. Took off cover and blew out printer but still will not clear.
    Have you checked that your balls haven't got stuck in the print path?

    Fix your own Epson printer.
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