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    This game has really blown me away, I saw the ads in the magazines for it and I was like pfff looks rubbish. How wrong I was. The game from the very first mission where you fly into Niu Pek camp reminds me of watching such filsm as Platoon and Full Metal Jacket, and created one of the best enviroments a FPS has ever had. I felt I had to create a new topic about it to give justice to this great game, that in my opinon has not revolutionised the whole FPS genre, but has definitly revolutionised the use of enviroments in FPS. The enviroments are very good I hope to see more from these developers, and oh I tryed Line of Sight: Vietnam............... complete joke of a game.

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    I've got it installed but have not played it yet. Thanks for the info on Line of Sight - was tempted to get that but no more...!


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