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Thread: Does World of Warcraft still have the same feature as Warcraft III

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    Today i was about to buy world of warcraft but it said somethin about you building up a character like in roll playing but i'm really getting tired of those games so i was just wondering if they have the feature like they had on frozen throne and rign of chaos like you chose from races and you play to build your army(or whatever you call them)and attack the other team bases like regular gameplay. So do they still have that same feature?

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    um.... not sure what your asking but World of Waracraft is an MMORPG game while Warcraft III is a Real Time Stratedgy game. So if you compare both World of Warcraft and Warcraft III through game play, they're pretty much completly different.

    This is a World of Warcraft screenshot.

    This is a Warcraft III screenshots

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    yea... i was asking if they we different or if they were the same because i'm getting tired of those MMORPG's i liked the Real Time Stratedgy on Warcraft III and i wish that world of warcraft was like that but with more features. Everyone is talking about Guild Wars and World of Warcraft. Which one is better because you have to pay a fee on world of warcraft and you dont have to pay a fee on guild wars. I was just wondering which one is better of the two.

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    God that game look really gay, only the cast outs in my school play it (the forign excange kid, and the 3 kids that have no friends that eat lunch with him)

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    yea they messed up with the MMORPG i really wish world of warcraft was still a real time stratedgy game because the MMORPG is getting old and you have to pay a fee just to play the game thats stupid. The games like diablo,sacred,guild wars, and other RPG's are free. Everybody been talking about world of warcraft fees and it sucks and everyone is talking about Guild Wars being better than world of warcraft and no fees. Should i get Guild Wars?????


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