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Thread: Video Card Question

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    I just bought battlefield 2 and despite having what I thought was a pretty good system, I can only play the game on low. So anyway, I was looking at the ATI Radeon x800 xt and saw all these names before "ati radeon". "Saphire, Hightech, Powercooler. Also the prices vary considerably. 100+ dollars difference. I assume there is a difference, but id like to know what it is. I've seen this on all cards, nvidia geforce as well. Then ive seen ones that are just ati or nvidia.. its very confusing for a gaming noob such as myself.

    Anyway, If someone could just clear this up for me I would greatly appreciate it.

    BTW just for reference (I dont have the $ around for a card like this but we can all dream) here is my specs - can I use this in my pc (do i need agp or pci)?

    Dell 8400 (w/ generic motherboard that comes with dell 8400)
    P4 3Ghz HT
    1.5GB DDR2 @400Mhz
    Radeon x300 se (Im pretty sure this is a terrible card - i really have to upgrade it, especially since my other specs are pretty good IMO)
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    on something.
    ATi's own cards are pretty good, I think
    My brother got a creative tho', which seems to be pretty good.
    Sapphire seems to make reasonably priced, and reasonably reliable cards.

    For NVidia I currently like Gainward, the GS or GLH cards are really good (made for some serious overclocking), the plain ones are cheap, but not the best overclockers. Otherwise BFG and Leadtek seem ok (they do their own overclocks too, sometimes), Asus goes their own way sometimes designwise, which may lead to you needing special drivers, but the cards are good in my experience.

    I had heard some bad things about XFX, but they seem to be working well for clocker and lynx, so that may well be a good option. The biggest problem with them, from what I'd heard, was that their customer support was bad, but that's only an issue if the card breaks, and if you've got a vendor like mine, the RMAs go through them and not XFX.

    And then there are other brands like Club 3D and Powercolor, who, as far as I know, are sticking to the reference designs (no fancy innovations of their own), which isn't in itself a bad thing, and they are cheap.

    And I think it's pci express on your mobo.

    How does the socket look?
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