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Thread: Problem opening Dat file

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    I have been sent a file and when i downloaded it, it is a dat file and when i try to open it it says windows cannot open the file and asks me to find a program in the list or look online.

    This is how it looks file looks in the attachment bit, winmail.dat application/ms-tnef 60.98kb.

    I opened this in word and the writing is all messed up. I opened it in notepad and it is still messed up but i can see a little bit. Is there wan way i can view this properly or is there a program that will let me see it clearly. The file is coursework instructions so it should open in word shouldn't it?

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    A quick google search gave me this link:

    or you can try this, some guy is offering to unpack the attachments for you.

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    Cheers for that. Now it is much clearer to read.


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